Naevia Sela

Rogue Trader


Career Path: Rogue Trader
Rank: 2
Home World: Curia (Child of Dynasty)

WS: 35
BS: 35
S: 30
T: 27
Ag: 30
Int: 43
Per: 40
WP: 43
Fel: 53

Literacy (Int) – Trained
Forbidden Lore (Xenos) (Int) – Trained
Speak Language (High Gothic)(Int) – Trained

Enemy (????)

Honour Amongst Ones Peers:



Being the eldest daughter of the Sela Dynasty ruling family she has the greatest responsibility in bringing her family back its once great wealth and prestige. A tall woman with bronze skin. Her hair is long and always kept in intricate braids. Bright green eyes are always alert and observant to what is happening around her. Naevia tends to wear the most extravagant styles from the most costly of materials, so extensive is her wardrobe that she has an entire staff dedicated to maintaining it. So rare are some of the materials the wardrobe is a series of rooms protected by thick blast shields and internal void shields.

Her personality tends to be very open and generous though it hides the conviction to do what she must to ensure her families continued survival and to regain the wealth and prestige of old. She treats the crew well and often allows them shore leave when at habitable planets and stations. Honoring contracts to the spirit and intent more than just the letter of the contract has angered some while others found such openness refreshing.

Naevia Sela

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