Ten Thousand Principles (Deceased)

Publicae sto procedere ex humanitate


1d10+9 E, Power Field, Balanced, Tearing, Pen 7 (against vehicles is 10) When wielded Two Handed, 2x Strength.

Prince smaller


Ten Thousand Principles is an archaeotech blade of tremendous beauty and power. The blade is made up of silvery metal laced with nano-circuitry and is close to four feet long. The hilt is a further foot long, wrapped in a hand conforming material that is soft and warm to the touch. From the pummel hangs a small chain with a star on the end. Within that star is an eagle.

It was forged during the Golden Age of Technology with techniques long lost to humanity. Made out of a self-repairing metal that will never rust. It will always remain sharp the blade regrowing and repairing itself if damaged. It is able to block power weapons without breaking, even though it is not a power weapon itself and the blade is able to cut through most materials as on contact with an opposing surface it vibrates the molecules in front of it superheating and spliting that surface as the blade passes through it. With such technology it is capable of cutting through both power armor and tanks with ease long forgotten by the Imperium of man.

Contained within the hilt and spread through out the blade is the matrix of materials that contains the weapons personality. If it is artificial, machine spirit or daemonic no one really knows but its purpose was to defend the Republic. Now it accepts its new purpose.

While to Prince, (the nickname Fae lovingly gave it), friendship and trust is a complicated theorem it finds that the world it woke up too deeply lacking in any. Its unaware of what happened to its brother and sister A.I’s and from the memorys Fae shared with it that perhaps its duty will prove truly impossible.

Most nights Prince spends its time bonded with Fae sharing fragmented memorys of what used to be and of techniques and knowledge long lost to man. While Fae understands very little of what Prince shares she does her best, constantly practicing with the blade so as to master its every motion. Knowing too well the horror of being alone for a long period of time.

A log from one of her first conversations with the command crew.

“I have accessed your ships primitive cognition systems. Primitive. Systems used in the early 15,000s. Not very efficient” Her attention focused to the one called Alax "I was forged after the Second Great Expansion in 19,650
I was the instrument that commanders would wield to display authority in the Republic. I am able to interface with all Republic technology with the master codes from the Tech-Forges of Earth
I was the eldest of such blades. Given to Field Marshals and Fleet Admirals in a line of succession up until my deactivation fighting the Eldar in 23,001
My… siblings… were of lesser ranks and positions" Once more showing images of vast cities. Worlds that were not polluted despite the vast tech-forges and the greater technology
At the time this team was a fringe element of the Republic and did not represent the views of the Council of One Hundred Thousand Seats
I cannot harm humanity. It was humanity that gave me life. It gives me a purpose. I have waited more millennium than your Imperium has existed to be picked up again
From the archives your ships possess humanity is even more insular and distrusting of others in this age than any other. The Eldar were once allies of the Republic"
Now cracks a noble heart. Good-night, sweet prince;
And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.
*Ten Thousand Principles Died During the Mission to recover data from Empty Hearth, Star Date 997M41. She was loved and will be remembered. Her only wish, for humanity to be better then it is, to become better then it was. For us to all believe again.

Ten Thousand Principles (Deceased)

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