Empty Hearth Report Alaric

Lady Sela,

After the examination of the files retrieved from our latest expedition to the Empty Hearth, I have obtained some valuable information on our competitors. Included in the archives are a list of current operations, as well as some distributing news. It appears that they have a member clothed in the armor of one of the Fallen Astartes Legions with them. While I’ve yet to determine if he is actually one of them, it does warrant concern either way. This same member ,that they call the Gene Smith, has been working on modifying the fungus for their use. What that use is only the Emperor and those heathens know but it can’t be for righteous reasons.

It would be paramount that we stop them before they have a chance to commit what ever atrocity they plan. Any resources and contracts we liberate along the way are a nice incentive as well. If this operation is to succeed we’ll need to find and neutralize the Gene Smith, from there I can analyze his notes and work on a counter measure to the modified strain. However the logs we acquired don’t mention his current location as of this moment.

However we can attack and investigate our competitors operations to find clues of his whereabouts. I currently have 4 recommendations.

Option 1: We attack their hunting and beast acquisition operations. From there we can take their hunting outposts for ourselves, as well as any tools and holding facilities filled with beast they already have captured for us. Potential customers include exotic pet contracts, independent gladiatorial groups, and the House of Beast.

Option 2: We attack their combat drug operations. They have been working on new combat stimulants for their pit fighters. We’ll acquire the formula and any facilities they have on site to refine it. Potential buyers include the penal legions, pit fighting groups, and possibly the House of Beast.

Option 3: Request information on their operations from the House of Beast. The House of Beast is the largest supplier of exotic beast for fights, pets, and other purposes that will not be mentioned in polite company. If we can show that what our competitors are producing is enough of a hazard to their empire they might be willing to negotiate a trade for the information. In order to get an audience we’ll and ensure they cooperation we’ll need to either find an exotic beast or provide some fighters for the pits.

Option 4: We ‘persuade’ their Gladiators to let us sponsor them instead. While this is not a primary target and the immediate gains are minimal it does serve to hurt our enemy’s resources while providing near free advertisement to our other industries. That and we’ll receive a cut of the winnings for each fight. I would recommend doing this alongside option 3 for optimal efficiency.

As I’m sure you are aware of the apparent destruction of TTP in the fusion detonation on empty hearth. However due to information sent to my datapad before the event I have reason to believe that ‘she’ may still ‘draw breath’. As you saw during the lift off on the first expedition, the AI could transfer itself to other systems. She did manage to transfer herself to the sites main system, including the areas long range comms. It is with in reason to believe that she has sent ‘her’ consciousness to the Tech Forge she mentioned before. However I’m unsure whether it would be good for Fae’s mental state to find ‘she’ is alive at this time. You know her best so I will leave that decision up to you. However if the information ‘she’ has sent me is true and we find this site, I believe we can ensure near permanent and complete Mechanicus support on all our future endeavors as well as a way to construct an entire fleet quickly.

If there is any further questions on what has been found you can find me in the Tipsy Grox for the next few days. I need to sort our what I’ve discovered.

,Magos Alaric Valaus

Empty Hearth Report Alaric

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