Star date 01232013

Fae ran into an unusual event while on world.

She came in contact with a sword of currently unconfirmed origin containing an intelligence claiming to be from the Dark age of Technology. While this could be a great advancement into my work of trying to help humanity achieve a controlled evolution, I must ensure this entity was an intelligence that was on our side during the uprising of the main Iron Men forces.

I’ve manage to isolate it for now much to Fae chagrin but I can’t be two careful, if we were to move this to fast, we would have every agency on our door step come the morrow. If this intellect proves pure I’ll have to teach it how to act properly in this world of darkness and blight lest it doom us all in it’s ignorance

It also seems that Fae, has some psionic potential to her, I’ll need to get a blood sample for further research, perhaps if I offer her a way to better control her powers, she will be more willing to work with me.

Star Date 01292013

Fae sword has been destoryed before I could properly analyze the intelligence. Before it did though it uploaded star charts to my dataslate. However it is with my belief that this intellect is still alive some how. It managed to enter other systems before, and the site did have communication gear on site for long range transmissions, and before we brought on our ship the first time it mentioned an old tech forge that has yet to be found. I believe it wanted us to go there, but needed to get their first on it’s own. Maybe to shut down the defense or something else. We should proceed with caution, but this could be what I need to help Fae out of her funk for now.

Also note to self to sign Fae up for anger management classes.


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