Fungal Carrier

Description: Some of the largest land predators on Empty Hearth. At nearly 10 meters tall from the peak of the cone down to the body, though they continue to grow through out their lives with the largest specimens well beyond that height. The cone is made out of a cartilaginous material with flutes and groves running its length. Bio-luminescent growths cast constant light around the creature. Beneath the cone is a bulbous mass that serves as the body. On either side of this mass is a cluster of four eyes that can see through different spectrum’s of light. From the body are large tentacles ranging from 3 meters long to 15 meters long. The two longest tentacles ended in broad flat appendages in suction cups ringed with teeth.

These creatures prefer to hunt in the dense fungal jungles near the equator where they can easily swim through the swamps and bogs. At the top of the food chain on Empty Hearth the only other predator it has is a larger member of its species. With the longevity of plant life the Fungal Carriers can live upwards of several thousand years if they do not meet the end at the talons of another predator.

It is believed that the Fungal Carriers are the origination of most of the other organisms on Empty Hearth, at least in the equatorial swamps and bogs were the cycle is rapid and vicious. Constantly emitting spores that seek out places to bond with and grow the available material it consumes in its growth.

Known Abilities

Spawn the Fungal Host

Fungal Carrier

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