Lady Sela

Stardate 01232013

While on world we found a Eldar Helm, I presented it to the captain as we left only for a soul stone on the cap to be still active

She managed to resist the mental attack, but the fact that the stone reacted after being dormant for 20,000 years should the records be believed is what troubles me. For something to reach out when it didn’t react to my prodding earlier must mean it felt something familiar with her, something safe. My Personal theory points to either her being pisionically enabled, or possibly part Eldar, that would explain the mass amount of clothes she wears at all times, either that or it’s my lack of understanding of women’s fashion come back to haunt me.

Either way this needs further study, lest this come to bite back later. I made a promise to lord Sela that I would protect his daughter, so that is what I must do.

Lady Sela

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