On Board Labratorium for the Venture

Lady Naevia Sela,

This is a request for the permission to use dynasty resources to install a labratorium at deck D bulkhead 18-19. Once I have the lab assembled and online I can begin work on creating a tool to kill of or manipulate the Alpha Strain should it be possible. With the lav I’ll also be able to speed up my research into the fertilizer formula and get the distribution system prepared which will improve the profit from our agricultural holdings. Attached to this document is a tally of the cost and power requirements to get this project online.

,Magos Alaric Valaus

100,000 Thrones to assemble the base equipment
15,000 to modify the bulkheads
2,000 for misc. services and energy upgrades p.
+ 10,000 for security protocols
127,000 Thrones

(2 power, 1 space Pg.72 of the Hostile Acquisitions book)

On Board Labratorium for the Venture

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