The Gene Smith

Star Date 01292013

We have launched our final expedition to Empty Hearth to look for clues to the Dynasty’s rivals and the location of our lost ship. In our examination we’ve found clues on an imperial mad computer, that upon my further inquiry into the matter show we might be involved with a conspiracy much larger then was previously believed. Our competitors are ‘wrong’ in a way I can’t describe, it is as if they’ve been touched by some dark essence that is slowly turning them down a path for which no light may shine.

What’s even more disturbing are the log’s mention of a ‘Gene Smith’ with them as well as the accompanying images. He is clothed in an armor I have not seen since my days with the guard fighting heretics and aliens in the Halo Stars. I fear we are dealing with a member of one of the Fallen Legions.

The situation is made worse in that they already have samples and are working on modifying the strain. We’ll need to put a stop to this soon lest this is turned into a weapon for the great enemy. If I am to have any hope of stopping this I’ll need to get my hand on the smith’s notes.

I pray to Omnissiah that we won’t end up following down the same path to damnation that they have, and if we do may our deaths be quick.

The Gene Smith

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