The Price of Ambition

The Attack
A peaceful visit at home?

With tension rising among the upper staff the best course of action was deemed to return the the dynasty’s home planet of Curia. Arriving in the star port the crew got their first look at the their new the ‘Infinite Destiny’. A new cruiser meant to be the new flagship to a brighter future.

As the command staff started landing their drop ship at the main Sela compound, Alaric started acting strange. He started trying to keep the group moving quickly when he normal advocated taking their time. Then once the ship finally landed Ianus started to shake and scream a prophecy of a horrible fiery death, bodies burning everywhere, and ships in ruins.

It was thanks to that warning that the crew managed to jump form the drop ship quickly. After regaining their barrings for the detonation Ianus and Alax managed to see a man running from the scene with a targeting designator, and begin pursuit with Fae on Captain Naevia’s orders. Alaric instead chooses to stay behind to protect the captain in case that wasn’t the last attack on her life planned that day.

Alax, Fae, and Ianus took a land-speeder and began pursuit only to lose the assassin, however they did manage to find the hideout of the insurrectionist. In there was a map marked with several possible ambush sites at the main compound. Much to Alaric’s a Naevia’s diplesure it would appear that the insurrectionist had managed to take over the servitor and rig them to be remotely controlled to attack targets once in range, but thanks to Alaric’s technical skills he managed to disable them before they could do any harm to his charge.

The rest of the team thinking these marking could be alternate bomb sites decided to return to the compound and find these packages before they detonate. On their way to the back to the compound they ran across a speeder bathed in the heraldry of house Aarun. Fae Jumped between the speeders and managed to kill those on board with Ianus following behind her. On board the speeder Ianus found a device with a screen on it. Not knowing it’s purpose he started messing with it.

On the screen an image popped up showing a projection from the main compound. In that projection he saw captain Naevia and Alaric, but Alaric raised his hand and the screen went dark once more.

Fae, Ianus, and Alax returned to the compound to see house Aarun forces starting to swarm through it’s doors. The manage to break through the assault and regroup with Captain Naevia and Alaric who had been cornered just outside the emergency bunker.

Attacks in strange quarters

The crew of ‘A New Venture’ were hiding from their Rak’ Ghoul aggressors inside of a near by asteroid-field. Due to Alax’s swift piloting and Alaric’s technical skills they managed to hide the ships presence among the debris. Everything looked calm and it appeared that the Rak’ Ghoul would leave soon only for a ship of the dread eldar Archon Irya to enter into the system and destroy them. It appeared they came there looking for Captain Naevia, unable to find her they deiced to leave a gift just in case she was still in the system.

That gift came in the form of a Black Hole Device that was beginning to expand and consume the system entirely. While risky Ianus knew what they must do. They needed to make a warp jump out of the system. It would be dangerous trying to rush it, but it was his only option if the crew were to be saved. While he was successful in getting into the warp there was an unforeseen attack on his mind by the Daemon, Na’Um’Shee.

She started perverting his mind and implanting dark secrets and temptations not meant for mortal hands. Beings started crawling from it’s orifices and infesting the bridge of the ship with their influence. It was at that moment Naevia proceeded to force open a the navigator bubble in an attempt to banish the foul being.

She was successful in this endeavor and pushed the ship back into real space with nothing but her sheer force of will. With that she revealed to her crew something that could damn them should it be found they were hiding this from imperial authority. She was a psyker, and she had great power to her.

Once returned to the realm of real space, Naevia requested a meeting among her officers. Before that however Alaric went to confront her about things he found during his investigation of the files, and and argument broke out between them. Insults we thrown and both sides left making threats to the other.

A Sad Day

After barely surviving their last experience on the planet Empty Hearth, the crew of ‘A New Venture’ are sent back to locate the information on their rivals that was the purpose of their initial expedition. However events would not go as hoped for the them.

Due to damage caused by age and the planet’s ecosystem over the years the power core for the system was going critical. Fae’s blade ,Ten Thousand Principles, tried to warn her of the approaching calamity, but thanks to her desire to get everything out of the planet tried to lead an expedition to the core.

It wasn’t until Alaric reached a room flooded with radiation that he finally asked the AI of the sword whether it would even be repairable at this point. The AI said it might be the slimmest chance, and that it gave Fae the warning not to have them fix it but instead to get the crew to rush and grab what they could before the detonation.

Now that this knowledge was public the crew started to gather what they could, but they could only get so much. It was at that moment that Ten Thousand Principles linked itself into the mainframe and started directing the data personally, and broadcasting all the files to the crew’s systems.

With what they could secure the crew left the planet before the wild life could over run them. Whit one less to it’s number. Ten Thousand Principles stayed behind, knowing that if it were to stay with Fae that the question would always be present on if it was controlling her, and with that chose to remain in the system to protect her.

The crew returned to their station with the information in tow. Alax looked to cleanse herself at the imperial shrine on board. Alaric began to process what they found on the planet in order to see what their next goal was. Inaus went to meditate on his power to prepare himself for the trials ahead. Fae though in her emotionally wrecked state looked for comfort in the arms of her Captain Naevia.

Everything was calming down and the crew were about to prepare their next course of action. The plans would have to wait though as the radar systems picked up and approaching Rak’Ghoul ship. In the attempt to fight it off ‘A New Venture’ was badly damaged by unrelenting barrage of the foul beast, but thanks to the piloting skills of Alax managed to escape them if only for a moment.

A Strange new World

They stood around the body of creature that was rapidly decomposing and propagating new spores. A drop ship was coming down from the New Venture bearing those who did not make it onto the Gun-Cutter. Alaric looks up, “Ah backup wonder full, hope they brought some incendiaries.” “Oh…I really hope they are bringing me a better sword.” Fae says looking at the decorative cutlass in disdain.

The drop ship landed near the gun-cutter. Which would deposit the only Missionary on the vessel to the surface. Not understanding why her family saddled her with such a terrible burden she look far less excited then most being sent onto a deathworld. Next to her is a large servitor wreathed in heavy armor its arms replaced with large flamers feed by a tank on its back. Its head covered in thick armor as well. Heavy hoses connected from the helmet to the chest. Rather dim witted creature but it suited the job.

Alaric walks over to the servitor and starts speaking to it , “BOB you made it. How you been old boy?” while Fae looks inside the drop ship for her new weapon random items flying out of the dropship as she tries to find something useful.

“I will never understand why you insist upon speaking to a servitor” the missionary said almost solemly. Alaric responding with a bit more passion “They are people just like the rest of us you pious shack of rotted flesh” “Well… were people.” Ianus adds. "They still have spirits, It’s just a different type of spirit now. Alaric Replies.

Alax remained silent, she almost said something but thought better of it. You don’t question a tech priest when it came to such thing- “Warps bosom what is that?!” She said moving to cover, away from the flying objects. There were additional weapons in the lander from various types. The thing is using them properly and without putting themselves in danger. Fae however was having no such luck finding one that suited her style.

They heard the hiss of pressure as that raw promethium mixed with the cylinders with the other chemicals that would produce such powerful gouts of flames. Naevia approached “I save these things when I need them most” A loud clang filled the ship as Fae jumped quickly to her feet standing in front of Naevia with a foolish expression on her face. “My lady I didn’t see you there. My apologize for not greeting you sooner.”she looks around at the weapons littering the forest floor.“Ahaha…sorry for the mess..” Fae says begining to picking up all the thrown about items outside the lander.

“M’lady.” Alax bowed quickly. Naevia gave a small smile in return. “I was watching all of you interact. However we are out of time for such things and we must het started on our real reason for coming her.Now then as I stated I want the ruins explored to find out what happened to my families rivals” Alax blushed then bowed again “I apologize, I must admit I was not much use earlier. I am afraid I was drugged by the fauna and Fae then had to save me. Erm. Twice.” She paused then bowed towards Fae, “Thank you for that again Ser Fae.”

Alaric sighs then bows, “I’m sorry milady, we ran into so trouble along the way, with this new gear and resupply though we should be able to properly defend ourselves should things go south again.” Harolt also sighed and stepped off the ship glad to be out of the tight confines of the gun cutter. checking her flamer and chain sword, feeling that she would likely need both before the day was out.

Naevia patted the thick armor of the servitor “Now these things cost a literal fortune. So hard to make. And even harder to repair if to heavily damaged” We shall do our best not to break it Naevia. Wouldn’t want to harm the profits now would we?" Ianus smiled awkwardly, truly aware of how many layers of trouble he would be in if he was caught damaging the rouge traders property. Atleast Alaric was confident “I should be able to keep it in good shape. milady, but we still shouldn’t press our luck, lets’ head out before more beasts come.”

Like a unified team the squad picked up flamers, all desciding flames will be the best tool against these plan like abominations. After picking out a flamer and two sets of fuel for it, Alax steps back. “Alright, this should do.” Alaric straps his flamer to his back then nods in agreement.“Alright team lets move out, we licked our wounds, it’s time to give this planet a black eye in response.”

Fae goes to leave then stops turn back and bowing towards Naevia and giving her a quick kiss on her cheek. “Back soon M’lady, please do not do anything risky while I am not around to defend you.” Fae then jogs into the forest towards the ruins, Alax following cautiously.

It doesnt take long untill the enter a clearing, within it is a group of large building worn and having suffered the cruel hands of time. All around the buildings were craters overgrown and filled with water the only sign of their existence was raised edges.

“Ok guys lets go to the smaller building first, check it out completely and we can set up a small camp. Afterwards we can check out the bigger ones.” Fae said still scanning the enviroment for threats. suddenly Alaric calls out, “Some one toss a greande down one of those holes, don’t want anything come out of them do we.” Fae sighs at the idea. “We dont want to alert anything to our presence yet…explosions tend to do that.” “and Isn’t that overkill? We don’t know if they will harm us. And a grenade may… wake things up.” Alax adds. Supporting the not playing with explosions plan. Alaric however was not ammused. “Fine then let’s at least position BOB at one of the holes then, just in case something does come out” he directed his robot friend towards the nearest hole.

The missionary also piped up, nodding at Alarics words. “Loathe as I am to agree with the tech priest it would be unwise to ignore the danger these holes could hide.” Alarics Face went blank with disgust. “Wait if the slack jawed moron is agreeing with me then there must be something wrong with my plan” Fae just laughed. “people…just follow me to building two, the holes cant hurt you then”

“I’m more worried by what made the holes. For all we know there might be some giant worm under our feet, or a swarm of burrowing lizards, or worse, tech heathens!” Alaric said, a small sarcastic laugh trying to break the tension. “My friend, every world is full of deadly xenos and horrible creatures, all we can do is stay alert and press onwards, Should we tally at every bump in the night or shadowy hole, we will never complete our ladys mission.” Fae tried to move her party onwards but was doing a bad job at it.

“Fine but when your lizard food for the beast king don’t come crying to me.” Alaric says grudgingly. “The Emperor protects” Harolt simply added.Fae’s eyes suddenly flash with a icy cold stare. “any such creature who thinks it can eat me will be made aware of its error.” from the Combat Servitor came a voice that was stale and cold. A cold emotionless voice “Elevated levels of radiation. Probable cause, bombardment”

Alax however moved around to the strange object in the center of the ruins. “Dont touch it!” Fae says glaring disaprovingly "I won’t. Alax replied looks chagrined. “….Not foolish. Looked important.” she said muttering to herself. Then moving back.

Alaric moved forward to investigate the weird device, However When he came close to investigate the device produced a blue orb that expanded outwards into a star map. And a voice speaking some ancient Terran dialect was produced. At the same time both Alax and Fae noticed some thing move from their south to leap to the top of the building or somewhere in the shadows above them. Fae looks for a staircase to the roof. After running into one of the buildings after it. Getting up their Fae did not notice anything in particular about the roof top.

While Alaric made no progress on the map, unable to understand the weird form of Gothic coming out of it, Ianus was however able to understand parts of it. Something about the project to strike the geo-city of New Olympia. The map is displaying images of the Sol system.Something dropped in front of Alax suddenly before dashing forward to knock Ianus over before leaping away falling into the device tipping it over causing the map and voice to stop suddenly.

Alaric yells out, “What the feth was that!” Ianus stands up and brushes himself off. “I don’t think it wants us to read this, but it might not be hostile.” Fae runs towards building two. “We will see how hostile it is when i’m jamming a chain-sword up its *Language unacceptable for Alax’s ears”

“It could be a creature that is trying to lure us into a trap”Alaric says “Pack tactis and what not.” Alax ran over to stand by the exit to building 2, ready to kill it as it ran out. “Ser Fae,” She said, pointedly ignoring Alaric, “Would you prefer backup?” “I’m fine” Fae responds “I just need to catch the damn thing, try and flush it towards me.”

Fae looks around the first floor for the monster then proceeds upwards. Ianus lifts up the pedestal, righting it while Alaric checks the glass domes to see what’s inside. Inside the building were strange devices. The interior of those devices held in stasis some kind of organic looking spheres. Fae thinks she sees movement at the next landing of the stairs, the second floor. Motioning for someone to take my place at the stairs she then heads up. Sword at the ready.

Alaric attempted to get the devices online, but the entire building as minimal power and everything is in standby mode. He knew the systems were on but the language barrier was preventing him from getting them online properly. Ianus walked over to Alaric “Very well, what do you need me to do?” Alaric just pointed at the device “Translate what the text says on screen, I can handle it from there.”

Fae looks around the second floor, her chain-sword slowly humming. “come out and fight..” She makes her way across the room slowly and checking the shadows for movement.

The system begins to speak in low gothic.

(Date January 15th 23,102 CE, today we received word that Mars is attempting to claim independence from Earth. Before the Republic Senate that freak once more appeared. Some self appointed Emperor. Bull shit. The project now has a new target. New Olympia. Geo-City, capital of Mars.)

“It seems that way, these ruins… they must be ancient! But why would information about Mars be all the way out here?” Ianus remarked. “And where is ‘Earth’”

(Date May 20th 23,102 CE. We received word martian terrorists assassinated the peace delegation at Calypso Station. The project is proceeding as normal. At current estimate even if half the payload survives the Martian ecosystem, that Earth engineered will collapse inside a month.)

“That was the old name for terra.” Alaric mentions, more focused on the message then Ianus’s questions.“Theses flesh things must be the payload, mentioned in the message. Could what attacked you have came from one of these pods?”

The Combat Servitor moved quickly. Something its size did not think it was capable of. Pushing past Alax and up the steps towards Fae “Auspex scanning has revealed multiple contacts above us” “Quickly we need to follow it.” Alaric said. “I’m sure it’s fin…” Ianus sighs “Very well. Let’s throw ourselves at danger once again!”

“Everyone just stay safe, Ill handle combat directly, pick targets and exterminate them as you can. Fae said moving towards the next floor.

The Combat Servitor again the hissing pressure of such dangerous chemicals cycling together. Pilot lights being activated. Its backpack began to glow to preheat the chemicals. This would burn far hotter than the flamers they carried. Even they could feel the heat through such insulation “Auspex scan detecting movement of 10 unknown threats”

BOB, get ready to flash fry the room on my command” Fae says poking her head up the staircase and looking into the third floor. It was far more humid on the third floor than the other two they had just come up. The equipment did not fair so well in the years following. A large rent in the side of the wall, hidden from the ground was clear and it went up to the next level allowing the planets strange biology to interact with what was here. She was only able to make out a few distinct shapes. Very thin bodies. Elongated heads with bright yellow eyes. Three small legs that ended in three fingered hands. Two arms that had an extra joint in them. Clawed feet ending in razor sharp talons. A third smaller leg came from the low back to give it an odd looking form of movement.“Hmmm…Guys I want you to gather the data from below and some organic samples.” she said quietly.

“Bob aim at the room, any hostile movement open fire.” , one of the creatures mouth parts opened into a triangle shape and a long black tongue snaked out to grip what animal it was holding and with a tug ripped it apart before drawing parts of it into its three rows of razor sharp teeth. Th Combat Servitor would then move up the stairs “Suggestion,” It said "retreat to lower level. Temperature will increase to three thousand degrees in a second. The turbines that powered the weapons kicked on. They only had a moment to comply.

“Oh crap!” Fae Dives down the stairs. Alaric slightly behind her, however luckily Fae managed to catch him, preventing his daring leap from causing him any harm.

Combat Servitor would trigger the firing mechanisms. Even down on the first floor the heat was intense as the pressure difference was terrible. With the door left open and the rent in the third level. It would get dangerous for them as they could feel the air pressure trying to lift them up. he roaring of passing wind as it was sucked up into the firestorm died suddenly when the servitor stopped firing. Fae goes and checks on the third floor.
However The stairs would be cooling rapidly as she attempted to climb back up. Very little was left inside. The desks had been vaporized. So contained was the heat and flame that the stone and metal walls melted and fused into a surface of highly reflective glass.
“Fuel tanks down to 75%” it said with the same robotic voice.

“Uh….area clear…” Fae said trepidly. “BOB next time wait for my order… you almost cooked us back there.” During this time Alaric attempted to open one of the tanks containing the pods.“Biological alert. Biological alert. Removal of specimens designated as alpha group without proper safety gear. Alert. Alert. Biological contamination detected” Thankfully he had changed the language settings. “Oh shit, oh shit, closing the container closing the container.” Alaric desperatly yelled.“Crap it’s not stopping,” Alaric puts his sample into a sealed container and get moving on trying to shut down the alarm.

Those fleshy pods began to show rapid decay and the areas around them started to be covered in moss, like outside. In seconds the fungi started to grow and the glass was shattered. The doors into the lab sealed from the biological alert, closing on their own. In a minute the entire device was covered in moss. The machine parts did not last. It was fascinating really. This alpha strain was incorporating what it was growing from into itself and mushrooms had a metallic sheen to it.

Fae walks down the stairs after hearing the alarms, Alax following behind her.

CRAP NEED TO TYPE FASTER! NEED TO GET OUT OF HEAR!, QUICK GET BOB AWAY FROM THE MOLD!” Alaric Screamed in horror. The Combat Servitor focusing its targeters on the mold and fungi. That ever familiar cycling sound as pressure built.

“Bob? Bob that’s a bad idea.” Ianus Timidly says.“BOB STOP THAT RIGHT NOW!” Alaric Screams
Fae wastes no time grabing Alax and draging her upstairs, Alax letting herself get pulled along, a touch reluctantly.

Alaric attempted to shut BoB off, However The Combat Servitor remained standing there. From its shoulder a beacon emerged as it was getting another signal. The Combat Servitor had Aegis barriers in place around its core programming. However luckily it recognised Alaric, slowly shutting down."

“Biological hazard remains. Unable to comply authorization of Doctor Emila Kazarov required. Unable to comply. Internal pacification systems offline”

Fae comes back down the stairs. “Good job Alaric.” Looking at the mold Fae readies her flamer, releasing gouts of burning promethium into the damaged systems. The flames darkened the fungal bed and further growth seemed to stop.

Alaric desperatly tried to life the Quarantine eventually hearing the sound of the female voice once more, “Biological hazard lifted. Doors opening. Please report to decontamination” Alaric began freaking out. “Must clean the flesh, It must be cleansed”.

As Alaric was lifting his data slate up to look at it he noticed a slight discoloration of the metal. Like copper exposed to the elements as it became green. It was only a very small localized spot.

The decontamination and medical facilities where in the living quarters (building 3) on the first floor. Alaric began his crazed sprint towards it. Alax frowned, but wordlessly followed. She wished that the Lady Trader would allow her to have her own Gun Cutter. she would be much more comfortable in these area if she could patrol it from the sky with a twin linked heavu bolter.

As the minutes passed Alaric noticed pitting like the metal was left out in acid rain. What could have only been only a few spores was quickly growing. “I could burn it off if you’d like?” Fae says snickering Alaric yells out, “Yeah and the rest of me with it. Lets get to that building” He rams though the door and begins heading up decontamination chamber.

The entrance of building three was beautiful, or it once was. Marble floor was still mostly intact. A few pits in it from old explosions. The columns of intricately craved stone once held images of the divine. In scrolling text was “Et ait: Germinet terra herbam virentem, et facientem semen, et lignum pomiferum faciens fructum iuxta genus suum, cuius semen in semetipso sit super terram. Et factum est ita” "

“And he said Let the earth bring forth the green herb, and such as may seed, and the fruit tree yielding fruit after his kind, whose seed is in itself, upon the earth. And it was so” Fae says solemly.

“Time to get my self clean” Alaric yelled slamming into one of the doors, causing no damage, Fae couldnt help but sigh. “Always check if its unlocked first” she says turning the handle he front door was unlocked which lead into that lobby of the living quarters. Down to the left where the medical wing was was just arches every so often. The sitting areas were scenes of battle. Pieces of armor and weapons lay scattered around. Around the medical wings entrance was heavily barricaded.

Ianus starts studying the weapons. While the rest of the team begin removing the baricades to the medibay. Even the combat servitor lending a hand. The weapons and armor are all from patterns at humanities height of both the Golden and Dark Ages of Technology. Having spent more than fifteen thousand years laying around the fact they still knew what they were suppose to be spoke of humanities knowledge and Stuck into the wall was a very beautiful sword that nothing seemed to touch it. Moss did not hang from it. No rust clung to its metal. The blade was still bright with the hilt being rather long for two handed swings and other uses for leverage. Hanging from a chain at the end was an star shape with an eagle on it.

The way was clear for Alaric with one massive swing of the servitor’s arms it had cleared out all the debris. Fae however couldnt help but be drawn to the sword. Fae tears and rips bits of cloth from her armor and binding her hands with it, then slowly reaching out for the sword.

“It has the sign of the eagle, it is blessed.”Alax said solemly “Its a sign. Have no fear Alaric, the Emperor’s eyes are on us.We must move on though.” Ianus however was still concerned.“Fae wait!” Let me take a look at it quick, I want to make sure there’s no… taint on it. The warp is pervasive and cunning, you can never be too careful. Especially when it comes to beautiful items."

“Dont worry Ianus…i’m pretty confident I cant be tainted any more then I already am.” Fae looks a bit sad then draws the sword. Ianus just stands their in disbelief “I… of course you can Fae. Of course you can.” When she touched the hilt the stone would glow for a moment and the blade slide free. It was incredibly light. The nano-circuitry evident in the hilt and down through the blade. Alax watched in Awe “Fae don’t say that. You’re a good person. The sword would not have come to you otherwise.” Alax’s world was blessedly simple sometimes. She was no fool, she was bright, but she was of the kind who had decided the way the world worked and had utter trust in that belief."

Fae does a test swing. Judging the swords balance and range, Slipping into a slow sword dance to get used to its weight.Ianus hops back. While Fae looks at the sword with a sorrowful smile. Almost wistfully.

In the medical room the damage was just as evident. Stasis pods kept their charges time locked. The glass was cracked and in some place completely shattered with that moss growing across the ground. They noticed another body that was covered in a strange looking armor. Alaric ignoring the distractions and begins looking for the decontamination switch. “I need some one to come here an press start for me, I can’t do it my self because I’m in the chamber.” Alax chasing after Alaric, He was able to keep it in check through sheer force of will and urging his mechanical biology to resist. “PUSH THE BUTTON QUICKLY ALAX, I CAN”T HOLD UP MUCH LONGER" "PUSH IT NOW!

While elsewhere Fae would begin speaking to herself.

“I’m sorry I am no longer welcomed on Terra…If you would wish I could find someone more suitable to return you to your home.”

“In this era the Church of the God Emperor rules over man, with the high lords of terra speaking on behalf of him.”

“Fae… who are you talking to?” Ianus Says with Concern. “At first I thought it was the sword, but now it feels like you’re having an actual conversation.” “Fae… that sword… is that sword talking to you?”

“I cannot say, its beyond my knowledge, I only know that it was during a Age of Strife..Humanity suffered terribly and only threw the emperors protection did we survive.” Fae says ignoring Ianus. Appearing to be enthralled, not really paying attention to her surroundings. her face still an expression of sorrow.

Ianus runs to Fae and attempts to shake her, “Answer me damn you! Whatever that sword is telling you is not to be trusted!” however as he reaches out he is gently pushed to the side as if slipping gently against the wind.“What?” Ianus Tries again, however the result is the same, it is here that Alaric enters the room trying to approach Fae asking what’s going on.

“I’m sorry, if it is no problem Id like to hear of these Principles..while the emperor’s light still shines upon a few, many a left in the darkness, humanity is dieing, being hunted by xenos and chaos alike…principality and integrity are also slowly perishing, Even my own sisters were hunted and slaughtered for no reason then they had been around me.” Fae adds, still with a solem voice.

“Oh Throne no…” “She’s… she’s communing with the sword. It must be tainted.” Fae just spoke over him. “if you know of a time where humanity had principles I would desperately like to hear it..”

Fae then fell to her knees crying. While Alax does the only thing she knows to do and hugs Fae. Tightly. “Ser Fae. I can’t imagine what you are struggling with your burden, or what you’ve done. But you’re here for a reason. You’re with us for a reason. Everything has a purpose, everything is guided by the Emperor, it may be painful, but the road is rough and perilous. But do not doubt that you are here to do great things. The Emperor protects. The Emperor watches. The Emperor guides. Even a little faith can guide you in the darkness, and at the very least… You’ve always been there to help us. A guardian angel. Please. Don’t give in. Don’t despair. Come back to us Fae.”
(Good enough?)

“The truth is Fae, you are our shield. You are our sword and bastion. Thats what you are. And the rest. You have a heart. You couldn’t wonder this if you didn’t. Fight for mankind. Fight for our lady Ser Fae, and do your duty. Trust in the Emperor to let the rest fall into place.”Alax tightened her grip on her, and rested her head on her shoulder lightly. While Ianus positioned himself in front of Fae and Alax. Alaric and Alax heard it coming in from the far corner of the medical ward, beyond the contamination area. By the sound of it, it was breaking through the small cracks already.

Alaric and Alax heard it coming in from the far corner of the medical ward, beyond the contamination area. By the sound of it, it was breaking through the small cracks already.
It was large. The top of its cone was ripping apart the ceiling from its passing. Brightly colored bio-luminescence up and down the cone. Its head, if it could even be called that was just beneath the cone. On each side of its was a cluster of 4 eyes. Huge thick tentacles for both motion and attack moved out beneath it. Flukes in the cone produced a strange mist. Perhaps more spores. When this place was attacked perhaps such planet wide growth was the weapon systems ecology taking over. And in fifteen thousand years, this is what it became.

“Please Fae. Please. Please.”
“We need you Fae.” Alax called out desperatly.

While BOB took care of the threat. It got very hot. Very quickly. The creature exploded from the sheer pressure difference before the flames consumed the spores as well. On the bad side it set the building on fire.

“Fuel reserves down to 50%”

Alaric runs into the center of the room and grabs the helmet from the body, “Come on we need to get out of here. Alax, you can touch her now, can you drag Fae out of there?”

Jungle Madness

“Fae, your pack?” Alax asked, curious about the forgotten backpack.“Did you intend to leave it behind?” Fae nods “The pack only had necessary supply’s for Naevia, as she is with the ship its best left there, plus it will slow me down should a fight break out. Plus its really heavy.” Alax sighed in relief. “I see. I apologize for asking Ser Fae, I was uncertain.”

Alaric was however not so relieved. “Let’s get moving, people we don’t want to be on an uncharted world after night fall.” everyone could help but mutter their agreements at those wise words.“Agreed”, “Very true”, “Ah, yes. This is wise. Let us be off.”

Alaric began by powering up his axe cutting through the foliage. “This should clear us a nice path to find our way back to the drop ship.” However the sky did not wait long to release its deluge and soon the hissing mist and crackling of leaves against that ran.

“And now I wish I’d left my robe on.” ianus said, slightly foolishly, Alax looking up and nodding in agreement “I dislike this rain.” Her voice sounded rough through the rebreather." Only fae seemed preturbed a long floppy hat protecting her eyes from the rain.

“We can find shealter in the ruins let’s keep moving. Shall we”." Alax nodded, and continued to push towards the ruins, hoping for cover, “Like mold gone rampant.” she muttered.

Fae tried not to breath in the mist, that was slowly rising from the forest floor. Tying a bandana around her mouth and nose hoping it would provide some protection. It was the mold and ferns. Large fungi as well, with powerful spores that could alter the mind. When it rained all of it got mixed together and the mist became potent enough to effect the mind.

Oddly enough Fae managed to keep her wits about her, her bandana doing its job. Alax was not so lucky, begining too choke and coughing despite the rebreather, falling to her knees and clawing at her throat desperately. “H-h-hel…” She coughs out, then collapses. Picking Alax up gently. Fae Carries her piggy back style, quickly jogging for the ruins.

While in the mean time Ianus began screaming, not a manly battle cry, but a pitiful wail. “He’s found me! Emperor please no! He’s everywhere!” His hallucinations however were extream, his gun echoing across the forest as he fired at trees and allies alike.

“Alaric, disarm him before he alerts the whole damn forest to our location.” Fae held a hand over her mouth as she spoke, praying her unique nature would hold out against this strange mist. Alaric does what needs to be done, grappling Ianus to the ground. Taking his weapon forcibly out of his hands. While Ianus tries in vain to push Alaric off of him. “Get off me you bastard, can’t you see? He’s coming! He’ll take me again, I can’t let him! Damn you! Damn you!” Alaric sighed in evasperation “No one is coming it’s just a hallucination brought on by the fauna.” Ianus calms down a bit, his flailing stoping. He whispers to himself, out of fear and resignation, “He is coming though… don’t you see? He’ll always be coming.” Ianus takes more time to calm down…then groans, “Thank you Alaric, I’m alright now. You can release me.” Alaric grinned letting up his friend. “Good let’s get moving then, I don’t know how much longer my systems can withstand these chemicals.”

“Mphm. My head…” Alax groaned…fae however keeps running at speed. Keeping her eyes in front of her. “Are you okay?” Alax meanwhile held her head trying to massage some of the pain away. “I… I think so?” she eventually responded. “What happened Ser Fae Where are the others?” Fae coughed, tightening her bandana once more. “I think the mist is poisonous, yourself and Mr Ianus were both effected by it, I left Explorator Alaric to look after Ianus while I took you to cleaner air.” Fae says hoping effortlessly over a log and continueing her jog. “Ah. You have my thanks.” said Alax pausing, and cursing herself silently, she should have been more careful. “You my put me down now if you would like. I apologize for being a burden.” Fae stops letting her off slowly. Keeping her eyes on the treeline. Noticing a familiar form catching up.

“I’ve managed to calm him down for now, lets get out of this mist before they suffer a relasp.” Says Alaric with Ianus in tow behind him. “Are we near the ruins?” Alax mentions, her stance a little shaken but her eyes now clear. Pointing Fae drew her sword. They were not alone anymore.

The beast blended well with the surrounding fens. Covered in moss and fungi from an amphibian like hide that was rather smooth. Its forelimbs ended in suction cups containing rotating teeth. It had 3 sets of eyes to see in different spectrum’s of light. It rawred in challenge.

In Fae’s mind she flashed to the past, of teeth and daggers and blood. Her body dropped under the stress. Fainting and falling to the group in a limp pile. Meanwhile Ianus raises his hand to his scarf, “Everyone, look away!” he says pulling it up. His lidless eye staring towards the beast.The eldrich energys of his eye burning the beast, but also Alax the sheer power of the warp lighting her nerves on fire and frying her body with intense pain. She reals back stunned.

Pulling herself back into the realm of the living Fae spys the beast, this time seeing it for what it was. Just enother ugly monster. She charges it. Driving her sword deep into its back. Ianus unable to do anything else but begin reloading his pistol. Alax was also unable to help coughing up blood and pulling away from the combat. She couldn’t shoot into the melee in this state without risking hitting Fae. The beast had no such concerns lashing out at the ex-sororitas. However like liquid gold she dodged its flurry of swipes. Manuvering behind it. Alaric wretched his Axe down in a powerful overhead swing, cutting a huge chunk of its hide off to the ground but it wasnt enough. Fae continued her assult, but the monoblade probed too blunt to pierce the creatures hide.

The beast lashed out in the agony of Alarics blows, attacking both Fae and Alaric in a fury of blows. Fae continued to dodge with prenatural swiftness, Alaric had his own advantage, taking the blow to the chest he steped back slightly, the smell of blood and oils intermingling in the air around them.

Alaric struck back, dealing enother huge blow to the creature. Fae attempted once more to assist, however she couldnt even scatch it. Fae grunts in disgust. “This useless piece of…”

“This creature shouldn’t be able to survive a second glimpse! Everyone, look away!” Ianus yelled ripping his headscarf off. This time he harmed no allyes however the creature was not so lucky, smoke coming out of its skull and pink good running out of its ears. They all thought it was over untill it rose up once more, Alaric took care of that. Repeatedly slamming his heavy axe own on its back and neck. Untill eventually it stopped moving, and didn’t get up. “AND STAY DOWN!” Alaric yells out. "I"M A LORD OF FLESH FEAR ME ALL CREATURES!" his challenge echos into the forest, however other then the sound of birds taking to the skies nothing meets his rawr, Ianus however raises an eyebrow at Alaric.

With the creature fallen it was quickly covered in moss and fungi as it began to be broken down. Already small polyps were forming from the corpse for future creatures. The fens and forest seemed to be alive at the scent of blood and death. Spores floating into the air.

“Are each of you ok? Is it dead?” Alax says wanders back onto the scene, looking at the dead monster and holding her side, as if wounded, though there was no obvious wound. “We should have brought a flamer.” she whispers looking at the corpse one final time before turning away. “I’m taking a sample for my research. Maybe we can grow these to act as shock troops.” says Alaric examines the corpse, “No. Leave it Ser Alaric, no good will come of that xenos filth, please.” Alax responds with. “It’s an animal not a sapient xeno. It should not be a problem. Besides it’s my kill my prize.” Alaric says almost cruely scraping some of the pods into a sealed container, “We have a mission still….gather your samples then let us continue to the ruins” Fae says, retiring her bandana and coughing more.“Yes let us continue.” Alaric finally replies, capping the lid on his vial.

Even as they stood there talking that remains were being broken down as the parasitic nature of the planet was moving quickly to consume the remains. “I would recommend asking getting some heat and flame based weapons. That should help dispatch creatures like this.” Alaric said nodding wisly at his sage advice.

“Master, could you send a better weapon for me and a flamer or two, the local fauna is proving harder to deal with then we expected.” Fae said in complete agreement, this planet was not going to let them take its bounty unchallenged.

The search begins

Curia was one of the most beautiful worlds so close to the Koronus Expanse. The once proud Sela dynasty as fallen onto hard times and the once many estates and hunting ranges have become overgrown from lack of use. Deep forests, high mountains, and plentiful seas. Almost like what terra must have looked like so very long ago. The shipyards in orbit were once robust and held many ships of the dynasty now some sections hang in orbit never used. Only one slip has a ship in it. The families greatest hope.
It is a Meritech Raider, the best vessel they were able to acquire. They had appointed Naevia Sela, the daughter of the head of the dynasty to captain the vessel. Her command crew were veterans of working with the Sela Dynasty. The vessel was soon to leave orbit of Curia.

Naevia had called her senior staff to the situation room. It was an opulent room. The table was carved from a single piece of wood depicting the greatest predators of a hundred thousand worlds. Each chair was carved from a single piece of ivory taken from the horns of an ocean predator. In the center of the table sat bottles of wine from the vineyards of Curia. Fresh breads, fruits and meat laid out. Naevia sat there in one of her finest outfits made from feathers and furs from animals of different worlds. So extensive was her wardrobe there was an entire staff dedicated to maintaining it.

The command crew all made their way there at their own pace, Alaric arriving outside the chamber, telling his staff to contact him should something happen with the experiment. Afterwards walking inside and greeting the captain with a bow, taking his seat on the opposite end of the table.

Koragin sits quietly in the room, looking over the fancy meal with a distasteful look on his face. He has a dataslate in front of him and seems to be doing calculations.

Fae stands behind Naevia like any proper bodyguard would a look of joy on her face and the occasional soft smile towards her captain when she wasnt looking. Looking comfortable but alert.

While Ianus sits as far away from the others as possible, his clothing disheveled and out of place in this grand room. He looks around himself nervously.

Koragin coughs, and forcing idle banter. “Naevia, I was looking over the the prices for Curian wine in Footfall and I believe we can create a stronger market if we change the label on the bottle to a mythological creature… perhaps a Deerling from Terran folk-lore? Recognizable.”

Alaric after giving his orders to his men greets the captain with a bow and takes his seat on the opposite end of the table.

While Alax walked in last. Given that she knew the ship as well as any of them, save perhaps their master herself, this was likely intentional. Pale and willowy she dressed conservatively despite her rank, and the only ornamentation she bore where small trinkets of the imperial cult. “Greetings.” She bowed lightly and stepped in “I trust you all are doing well?” She was always formal, but rarely was she unpleasant.

Naevia looked to each of them. Her brilliant green eyes studying those of her command staff. Gloved hands held the win bottle easily in her grasp as she took another sip. Rather use to the luxurious lifestyle her station gave to her. Her attention to Koragin “Make a note of that. Anything to increase profit. Though I have called you all here to go over what my family wishes us to accomplish”

Interupting Koragin turns toward Alaric. "Your expenditures have been higher than the suggested amount allocated. Causing Fae to laugh before quickly catching herself and regaining her composure, however still throwing a quick smirk towards Alaric.

Alaric responds "I’ve about to reach a breakthrough in my work, I should be able to increase the effectiveness of a teleportarium, and get started building one for the ship soon. Noticing Fae giggling he sticks his tongue at her back.

Alax looked at Alric with interest at the mention of upgrading the ship, then subtly rolled her eyes at his and Fae’s antics. She was curious naturally about anything that would increase the performance of the her ship, but most of this was going over her head.

Koragin taps a bottle of the wine. “This produce is making us profit. I have no evidence your ‘experiments’ will make anything of value for us at all.”

Alax however smiled, tapping the table to get their attention “Nothing ventured, and nothing will be gained. We cannot make a name for ourselves, we cannot improve the imperium, without some manner of risk.” she said. “And as far as they go, this one is tolerable.”

Fae looks over at Naevia. “My lady, you should probably state your mission before they start throwing wine bottles and servitors.”

Naevia looked to Koragin “One must look good at all times. Now as I was saying. Our mission is to rebuild the trade routes and those worlds once used for our specialty which was the beast trade. The right specimens can earn a great specimen. Along the way they want us to search for the Curia’s Star. The ship my uncle was captaining and lost. Which lead to such hard times”

“It’s a cursed ship, it would be better for all of us if we left it alone.” this causing Fae to look uncomfortable, bu she holds her tongue.

Naevia gave her attention to Ianus “Seriously? Think of all that profit? Cursed is an upsell”

“So we need some great beast and an old ship, should be to hard. What system are we going to?” Alaric says agreeing with his lady, “Yes curses are for the uneducated, there is always a rational explanation for events.”

“Ianus glares at Alaric “I have seen things that would destroy your very soul. I can show them to you if you like. Do not doubt the power of the Arcane.” "Profit only has value if you’re around to use it. I will not become some foul beings puppet.

“Reguardless”, Naevia interrupts “Out goal is Currently the planet of Empty Hearth. An old world from the time of the Dark Ages. It is beyond Winterscale’s Realm out near the Accused Demnse” "Within it is Curia’s Star “It is one of the largest ships in the whole of the Expanse and even into the sectors beyond. Nearly 13 kilometers long it was a great treasure. Beasts from all corners of the Expanse held in great pens”

“Master why is it that no one has attempted to reestablish contact with this world until now?” Fae says looking down at Naevia.

“The system Empty Hearth is in was in dispute until recently. The disaster of our rival House Maerin, has lead to a chance for a return to profit. It is also one of the stops Curia’s Star made before vanishing” Naevia taking a sip of her wine to clear her throat.

Ianus sighs and visibly straightens himself. “You are, of course, right. If the time comes, I will fly the vessel through the warp. Curse or no Curse” This causes another bought of giggling from Fae.

“Curia’s Star is immense. Similar in pattern to the Mass Conveyors. Its main function was the transportation of the most dangerous predators our other Beast Ships could not handle. Great tanks of water to held aquatic predators. It had hard mount turrets in the walls with programs to kill anything that moved in the event that total control was lost”
“By its last vox signals the Star held nearly ten thousand specimens for trade. Including those of private sources that wanted very specific creatures. The loss of those contracts hurt us dearly”

Alax looking mildly confused at Fae’s spat of laughter, and instead nods along with Koragin. “How soon will we be leaving m’lady? It does not sound like this is something we can waste time dawdling on. We must emulate those predators that we seek to capture and move quickly, and with assurance, yes?”

“Yes, We are moving out once this meeting is over. Anyone have anything to add if not then too your dutys.” Naevia said finally

“As you wish.” Alax said with a bow, “I shall start preparing the cargo holds to hold any creatures we find.”

“Then I must go to my work, Naevia. To the fruit of our success…” Koragin stands, taking the bottle of wine and dataslate with him as he leaves the room.

Alax bows, “I will head to the batteries to prepare, should the worst occur.”

Ianus stands and begins to walk out, “As you wish.”

Naevia would stand as well and moved out onto the bridge. One of the servitors rung the large bell that sounded across the bridge when the Captain came on deck "As you all were. Make way for the outer system. “Master of the helm. Relinquish control to the helm to Navigator Ianus”

Fae would follow Naevia, standing slightly behind her and to the left as always.

“Captain I have plotted the course. Reversion to the sea of souls on your order” Ianus would respond climbing towards the Navigators bubble.

“Warp Drive active captain.” Alax mentioned softly, sitting at the pilots chair and grasping an aqula tightly, she then began her Litanies of Safe Travel. A match to the slow countdown given to them by the Machine Spirit.

“Five,” “May the God-Emperor watch over us”

“Four,” As he does all of man-kind"

The ship began to darken as power was drawn from the fusion drives into the warp engines and gellar field.

“Three”, “For Into the realm of souls we go, and he will defend us.”

The ship began to shake, screens flickering briefly. Already the crew held their breath is suspense.

“Two”, “Against the dangers that lurk within, he will cleanse us.”

The ship began to grown. Almost like a terrible iron beast waking from its rest to once against feast on the galaxy around it.

“One”, Until we reach our destination. The emperor protects.

The Warp Drive activated and for a brief second there was nothingness. Time Stretched and compressed, space distorted. Physics and Science lost all meaning as The meritech raider smashed through the barrier between the material and immaterium. Into the sea of souls and beyond.

However their were problems, The New Venture was about to become the lost venture it seemed. Translation into real space was brutal. The ship shook terribly. Joints stressing. Klakons began to sound all over the ship. Void shields were off line. Weapon systems offline. Navigational auguries determined they were heading into the systems asteroid field.

Alaric rushes to the shield systems and tries to get them back on line. While As soon as the ship entered space Alax began earning her keep and showing why the Helmslast where among the greatest lineage of pilots in the known worlds. She worked the ship in such a manner that it could only be called a work of art, every moment she was making an adjustment, altering the course slightly to bring the safely out of the labyrinth of asteroids. “I apologize m’lady, we should be out of this shortly, Emperor wills.” She said, not even looking away from her work, and her tone calm and even.

Fae calmly lets go of Naevia having stopped her flying about the place. Asking her softly if was ok and keeping her hand on naevia’s shoulder as a sign of support, Luckily Alax managed to bring the raider out of its awkward position to fly straight and level.

Naevia just sat calmly in her seat “Well then so our adventure begins” This was herald by a meteor passing within inches of the brig, Alax continued to push the ship to its limit to avoid the asteroids and pick out a successful path. Through rather gut retching twists and turns for a vessel nearly two kilometers long sent people tumbling back and forth through rooms and hallways. A lot of bruises and broken bones. A few unlucky ones got tossed into grinding gears.

Did the primary buffer panel just fall of my ship? I thought Alaric just fixed it! Naevia yells out. “I told him to fix it master..”Fae says in response. “I think he got distracted” Alaric coms in on the horn I did fix it, the damn Navigator knocked it off on reentry" then goes back to fixing the engines.

Naevia looked around the bridge. She would stand up and smoothed out her outfit “So! Let us bet this was the navigators first time. And we all know how painful first times can be” Causing Alax to look confused and Fae to blush and look to the side awkwardly.

“I don’t get it m’lady.” Alax says timidly. Causing Naevia too sigh and shake her head. Going back to sit down “…virgins” this only causes Fae to blush further. “Sorry master…”

Alaric walks back up to the bridge from fixing the system, “I need a stiff drink. Have we arrived at our location?”

“Asteroids Ser Koragin. It is under control.” Said Alax

“It was Ianus first time. It was painful for us all. Thankfully Alax has proven herself a competent pilot” Naevia responded with.

“Yes… well… good work, then, Alax. Ianus… well, worse things have happened. They are just under-scribes. Naevia, any damage to the ship?” Koragin stated, causing Alax to smile with pride, “The warp is a strange and unpredictable place. I have little doubt Ianus did the best he could, and preformed well. It is good we did not have a lesser navigator.”
“Thank you Ser Koragin.” Alax finally finishes with.

The augries determined they arrived over Empty Hearth. The world looked like a marble from space of swirling colors. There were 5 major landmasses all roughly near each other with an inland sea that was almost like a small ocean it was that big.
Naevia looked at Koragin “To my knowledge we still lack weapons”

“I’ll have my men get the weapon systems online immediately.” said Alaric.

Ianus descended from his domed room, looking more strained then usual. “So, this is it then?” Fae walks over and claps him on the shoulder. “You got us here alive good job.”

“I must go change as well. Prepare the gun-cutter to take us to planet. Have the heavy lifters on stand-by once we scout the landing zone” Naevia said nodding to her crew, “My lady I would like to change into my planet side gear.” Fae responded with.

They were to all be going to the planet.Naevia nodding to Fae “We will met in the hanger”
Fae smiling then rushing off to get ready. Naevia turning then to Ianus “You are coming planet side with us”

Fae ends up in mess room somehow.

Naevia moved to her wardrobe in her section of the living wing for the senior staff. Pressing her hand to the control as it read her DNA. The void shields powered down and the vault began to open. Her servants began the process of undressing her and documenting each item as it was put away and the traveling outfit was brought out.

Naevia when finished walks to the hanger. The form fitting outfit hugged those womanly curves. Much like one wore when riding horses on ancient terra. Her wide tri-pointed hat tilted to the side. A bolt pistol strapped to her thigh. And on the other a condensed staff that was used to control animals.

Alaric walks by the mess hall to pick up some rations should the expedition take longer then expected and notices Fae bewildered state,“Need a hand finding something?”Fae looks happily at Alaric. “I cant find where the damn access elevator is for the upper decks….”

“If you are looking for the elevator, take a left a corridor E-8 and a right a D-3, it’ll be down the hall to the left.” “and Be sure to have your access card ready otherwise you’ll be dumped in the incinerator.”

Fae seriously concentrates muttering the directions quietly while making weird counting motions on her hands. “Ok! Got it” begins to walk off down corridor E-8 then turns left.

Ianus headed to his chamber to prepare. It didn’t take long, he didn’t go anywhere without his armor on and his pistol ready. Always loaded with at least one bullet. He did, however, leave his robe on the bed. He also quickly consulted his Tarot. “The Great Eye ascendant… it’s always the Great Eye ascendent.”

Fae somehow walks past Ianus’s chamber. “Elevator…then right…no wait…oh emperor where am I now..”

Ianus walks out of his chamber and crashes into something rather immovable.“Oof, Fae? Shouldn’t you be at Naevia’s side by now? … you’re lost again aren’t you?” Fae looks awkwardly down. “Uh yeh…Top floor, uh…near the Captains Servant Quarters..I need my gear”

Naevia took out a data slate and connected with the cogiators of the ship to activate the battle servitors. Clad in thickened armor the gene-bulked soldiers equipped with large clasps that can subdue beasts if needed. Robust enough to take a beating from wild animals. Alax also settled into the chair in the gun cutter, and after looking around to make sure it was empty she paused, leaned back, and quietly gripped her head and sobbed, just once. That was close. She had no idea how she had done it, honestly. She had almost gotten them all killed, and worse tarnished her families reputation. Out of sight, she let the stress and fear wash over her, and then out of her system, regaining a grip on her emotions just in time for Naevia to enter. “Hello M’lady. The others should arrive shortly.” She said, turning from the cockpit and giving her a simple smile.

Ianus looks confused for a second. “You don’t carry it on you? What if the Geller… nevermind. Alright, I guess I’ll lead you to your quarters then.” Fae looks in-dignified, “I have my sword at all times. But I think ill need my armor and planet side gear don’t you?” Ianus looked concerned for a moment “Well yes, I just… I always wear mine, it just seems prudent.” “Lets just hurry…” Fae hurriedly says.

Alaric arrives at the gun cutter, carrying extra supplies in case of emergency. “This should be enough to keep well should worst come to worse”. He packs it in with the rest of the cargo and checks over the cutter to make sure the ship is ready for launch.

Fae having reached her room quickly gets dressed then rushes out, dressed in very worn but well maintained carapace armor, a floppy hat that seems out of place, a travelers dust cloak and a very large backpack of supplies. “Ok ready!” making her way quickly to the gun cutter Fae makes sure Naevia is buckled in properly then does herself.

“sorry I’m late master..I got lost.” Fae said timidly.

Alax was however busy piloting the ship, unable to be apart of the idle banter. After some bumps in the turbulence landed on the outskirts of the old ruins. A per-Imperial human settlement that has withstood the ravages of time relatively well. The heavy stone pitted and worn from the occasional acid rains and rampant plant growth.

The clouds over rolled where thick and heavy with rain. A mist hung in the air that tingled the throat when they breathed in. The area around the gun-cutter which was partially hidden beneath the ruins of a hanger that serviced the old city. With such growth and the wild animals it was hard to tell who was coming and going.

Naevia looked to Alax “I am not to be coddled but I will remain here at the ship” Then her attention was given to Fae “The ruins first. Find out what happened to our rivals. And any remaining data on the Curia’s Star will be held in the cogiators inside the central dome. Beyond that we are also here to make a profit. I have collection servitors coming down now in their transport”

Fae looked at Naevia with reservation then sighed. “of course” drawing her sword she moved swiftly towards the ruins, leaving her backpack behind with the ship. The rest of the crew following behind her, straight into the forest beyond.


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