The Price of Ambition

A peaceful visit at home?

With tension rising among the upper staff the best course of action was deemed to return the the dynasty’s home planet of Curia. Arriving in the star port the crew got their first look at the their new the ‘Infinite Destiny’. A new cruiser meant to be the new flagship to a brighter future.

As the command staff started landing their drop ship at the main Sela compound, Alaric started acting strange. He started trying to keep the group moving quickly when he normal advocated taking their time. Then once the ship finally landed Ianus started to shake and scream a prophecy of a horrible fiery death, bodies burning everywhere, and ships in ruins.

It was thanks to that warning that the crew managed to jump form the drop ship quickly. After regaining their barrings for the detonation Ianus and Alax managed to see a man running from the scene with a targeting designator, and begin pursuit with Fae on Captain Naevia’s orders. Alaric instead chooses to stay behind to protect the captain in case that wasn’t the last attack on her life planned that day.

Alax, Fae, and Ianus took a land-speeder and began pursuit only to lose the assassin, however they did manage to find the hideout of the insurrectionist. In there was a map marked with several possible ambush sites at the main compound. Much to Alaric’s a Naevia’s diplesure it would appear that the insurrectionist had managed to take over the servitor and rig them to be remotely controlled to attack targets once in range, but thanks to Alaric’s technical skills he managed to disable them before they could do any harm to his charge.

The rest of the team thinking these marking could be alternate bomb sites decided to return to the compound and find these packages before they detonate. On their way to the back to the compound they ran across a speeder bathed in the heraldry of house Aarun. Fae Jumped between the speeders and managed to kill those on board with Ianus following behind her. On board the speeder Ianus found a device with a screen on it. Not knowing it’s purpose he started messing with it.

On the screen an image popped up showing a projection from the main compound. In that projection he saw captain Naevia and Alaric, but Alaric raised his hand and the screen went dark once more.

Fae, Ianus, and Alax returned to the compound to see house Aarun forces starting to swarm through it’s doors. The manage to break through the assault and regroup with Captain Naevia and Alaric who had been cornered just outside the emergency bunker.



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