The Price of Ambition

A Sad Day

After barely surviving their last experience on the planet Empty Hearth, the crew of ‘A New Venture’ are sent back to locate the information on their rivals that was the purpose of their initial expedition. However events would not go as hoped for the them.

Due to damage caused by age and the planet’s ecosystem over the years the power core for the system was going critical. Fae’s blade ,Ten Thousand Principles, tried to warn her of the approaching calamity, but thanks to her desire to get everything out of the planet tried to lead an expedition to the core.

It wasn’t until Alaric reached a room flooded with radiation that he finally asked the AI of the sword whether it would even be repairable at this point. The AI said it might be the slimmest chance, and that it gave Fae the warning not to have them fix it but instead to get the crew to rush and grab what they could before the detonation.

Now that this knowledge was public the crew started to gather what they could, but they could only get so much. It was at that moment that Ten Thousand Principles linked itself into the mainframe and started directing the data personally, and broadcasting all the files to the crew’s systems.

With what they could secure the crew left the planet before the wild life could over run them. Whit one less to it’s number. Ten Thousand Principles stayed behind, knowing that if it were to stay with Fae that the question would always be present on if it was controlling her, and with that chose to remain in the system to protect her.

The crew returned to their station with the information in tow. Alax looked to cleanse herself at the imperial shrine on board. Alaric began to process what they found on the planet in order to see what their next goal was. Inaus went to meditate on his power to prepare himself for the trials ahead. Fae though in her emotionally wrecked state looked for comfort in the arms of her Captain Naevia.

Everything was calming down and the crew were about to prepare their next course of action. The plans would have to wait though as the radar systems picked up and approaching Rak’Ghoul ship. In the attempt to fight it off ‘A New Venture’ was badly damaged by unrelenting barrage of the foul beast, but thanks to the piloting skills of Alax managed to escape them if only for a moment.



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