The Price of Ambition

Attacks in strange quarters

The crew of ‘A New Venture’ were hiding from their Rak’ Ghoul aggressors inside of a near by asteroid-field. Due to Alax’s swift piloting and Alaric’s technical skills they managed to hide the ships presence among the debris. Everything looked calm and it appeared that the Rak’ Ghoul would leave soon only for a ship of the dread eldar Archon Irya to enter into the system and destroy them. It appeared they came there looking for Captain Naevia, unable to find her they deiced to leave a gift just in case she was still in the system.

That gift came in the form of a Black Hole Device that was beginning to expand and consume the system entirely. While risky Ianus knew what they must do. They needed to make a warp jump out of the system. It would be dangerous trying to rush it, but it was his only option if the crew were to be saved. While he was successful in getting into the warp there was an unforeseen attack on his mind by the Daemon, Na’Um’Shee.

She started perverting his mind and implanting dark secrets and temptations not meant for mortal hands. Beings started crawling from it’s orifices and infesting the bridge of the ship with their influence. It was at that moment Naevia proceeded to force open a the navigator bubble in an attempt to banish the foul being.

She was successful in this endeavor and pushed the ship back into real space with nothing but her sheer force of will. With that she revealed to her crew something that could damn them should it be found they were hiding this from imperial authority. She was a psyker, and she had great power to her.

Once returned to the realm of real space, Naevia requested a meeting among her officers. Before that however Alaric went to confront her about things he found during his investigation of the files, and and argument broke out between them. Insults we thrown and both sides left making threats to the other.



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