The Ships Expolrator, and Sela Dynasty's head of Research



Common Lore (Machine Cult, Tech) (Int), Forbidden Lore (Archeotech, Adeptus Mechanicus, Mutants) (Int), Scholastic Lore(Beast)(Int), Literacy (Int), Logic (Int), Speak Language (Explorator Binary, Low Gothic, Techna-lingua) (Int), Tech-Use (Int), Trade (Technomat, Armourer) (Int).

Unshakeable Faith
Dark Soul
Logis Implant
Auto Sanguine
Scribe-Tines Implant(10 to investigation skill test)
Calculus Logi Upgrade(
10 to logic and scholastic lore test)

good-Craftsmanship power axe
Enforcer light carapace, multikey, void suit, injector, sacred unguents, micro-bead, combi-tool, dataslate, auspex and Nigel the ork servo skull.


The Loss of Faith

Alaric was a rising magos biologis on the forge world Belacane. The son of an imperial naval officer and a tech priest, both were lost when the ship interior of the ship was voided while they were trying to stop a Dark Eldar raid on a nearby agri-world. Due to his mother’s position as a naval officer he was initially sent to the Schola Progenium. He spent his early childhood in the care of the ecclesiarch priest learning the power faith can bring to people. Eventually they managed to get in contact with his grandfather, who was an eccentric by tech priest standards, and he proceeds to take him in and teach him the ways of their order. He grew very skilled and always tried to learn new things.

When he reached the age of 17 he was sent to act as an enginseer and field medic for the Brotnian Longknives, 8th light armor company. He spent 3 years with them, keeping the chimeras, hellhounds, and scout bikes in peak operating efficiency. He spent time learning the ways of those out side the machine cult, and tried to make friends and companions among his unit. It was difficult at first, but after he successfully repaired the unit commander’s while under fire from renegade insurgents they accepted him as one of their own.

Of the group some of the closest compatriots were Riggs, the driver of the unit’s Leman Russ Vanquisher, a giant of a man with a beard to match with a liver made of steel, Schatten, scout and sharpshooter, has a tendency on sneaking up on everything friend or foe and loves to read old books, and Scurffy cook and flamer operator, his goal is to create a recipe from ever xeno in the galaxy, his recipes actually taste good. Things were going good for Alaric he was serving the imperium just like his parents, he was doing things for the good of the galaxy. He fought along side Astartes of the Strom Warden chapter, helped turn back tides of chaos rebels, fought xenos and beast all across the Halo Stars. Things were going good until the were called to stop an uprising on a local shrine world.

They fought there for months, it was strange, there were no signs of chaos influence or xeno manipulation. Only once loyal citizens rising up against that world’s authority shoduly crafted gear, this was the kind of thing that could be stopped by the PDF why call a guard unit. Alaric was confused and wanted answers. Eventually he discovered that the planets priest kings lied, there wasn’t an uprising, they bribed officials to forge documents creating fake incidents of violence on the world. They been waging a fake war between themselves for years at imperial expense, using their power and authority granted by the church to play god. Then when one of them got bored he called for some new toys, straight from the guard. The people they had been gunning down in the streets,innocent civilians doing as told by their masters, as they were taught to by the imperial faith. By the time he figured it out it was to late though. Due to the fighting on the world for so long, the Imperium decided to cut there loses on the world and declared exterminatus. The guard and the ecclesarchs were pulled out while the innocents were left to be burned at the torch with their world, for the crime of following orders.

The Path of Redemption and Rebirth

After this incident he requested a transfer to a research position, and was sent to Sibellus’s under hive on Scintilla to study human mutation, he still keeps in contact with his old unit, send letters and packages of liquor to them, with the occasional recipe to Scruffy and a book or two for Schatten. With his time off the battle feild he managed to calm him self, even then he could still see the world burning in the back of his head, the faces of those responsible burned in his mind.

He worked as a underhive doctor treating to sick and injured in order to gain samples from the mutants, and the normal underhivers. By healing those he could while doing his work, he viewed this position as a path to his redemption for the crimes against the innocent he helped perpetrate. Contacts were formed, alliances formed, he tried to make his clinic a neutral ground in a sea of violence and oppression.

Things were going good until his servo skull network started losing units. While normally he would wright it off as his recon drones being attacked by vermin while they were out gathering herbal ingredients,and that was the case before he received an active status signal from them. He tracked it down to a remote location, a shack deep in the main mutant area. He was about to go in and retrieve his drones only to be jumped by a pack of Maw Flukes. They struggled and in the fight Alaric lost his hand, but not before leveling his ax into the last beast’s skull. The beasts still had one last ace up it’s sleeve. It’s teeth were laced in venom. It wasn’t long before he passed out due to his wounds, unable to fight the blood loss and toxins.

But this was not the end for him, a few days latter he awakened to find himself in an underhiver shack. On the wall he noticed noticed servo skulls in various states of assembly. It was at that moment he started to fear he was captured by scavengers who were going to scrap him for a quick buck. He tried to get up but he body was to damaged from the attack. At that moment the door opened to reveal his captor, he was surprised to see a young female mutant. I took a few moments but he remembered her face, she was one of his patients he saved her life after she was shot in a gang fight.

She saw that he was awake, “Good, your still alive I was getting worried. You’ve been asleep for the longest time. I found you passed out in the field out side. It was hard stopping but you should be fine once you get your rest. I still owed you for what you did for me. Look at your hand.”

Alaric almost forgot what happened to his limb, he looks down at his hand only to notice it’s has been replaced by a surprisingly good quality bionic one. “I found the designs in your bag. I hope you don’t mind but they were to good to let go to waste.” Alaric begins to flex his hand to see how accurate the designs were. After a moment of concentration a magnifying glass begins to emerge from the back of his hand followed by other tools like, brushes, tweezers, a book light, and many more little things.

“Wow, this is interesting,” says Alaric flexing his hand after storing the tools again. He didn’t expect to find such a good piece of machinery down here, let alone assembled by a mutant. If she was going to harvest his tech tough why would she install a new hand on him. " Everything looks to be in the right order. Now could you explain to me though why my servo skulls are on your wall? Or even better, why they are in your possession in the first place."

“I found them, they were injured in the wild. I thought it would be a shame to leave them like that. All I was doing was fixing them up, I was going to give them back once I got them patched up. I’m sorry if I made you worry, I just wanted to help, I’ve seen how much you work to help people like me.” She looked worried, it was well know what the mechanicus do to those who mess with their equipment.

Alaric looks over to one of the skulls looking to see if anything was out of place, but instead of finding anything missing, he found it was improved in ways he never thought about, how could an underhive mutant know of such methods. He had to learn how she did this one way or another. “These alignments, the on board spirits, the power supply.” These upgrades would require more advance skills then what people just pick up on the street let alone a mutant. To get knowledge like this you’d need a master to get these kind of skills.“This is to advance for hobbyist, someone needed to teach you. How did you come by this knowledge?”

“My master was a tech-priest who worked for the inquisition. His lord was betrayed so he had to hide down here. I was an orphan and he took me in. He saw me as a daughter so he taught me what he could. A few years ago a plague wrecked the underhive settlements, my master took ill and didn’t make it. Since then I’ve been surviving by using my skills to steal from the gangs. What you saw a few months ago was one of my hits gone wrong.”

“These upgrades are quite nice and I thank you for the hand, but I must be heading to back to my clinic, I can’t leave it unattended for to long. I need to get there soon or else someone of less moral fiber might raid my stores, and there are probably patients lining up outside my door. As illuminating as this was I really must be going” Alaric says as he lifts himself off the bed only to collapse after a few steps. “You know on second thought maybe I could use your help for a few days.”

“The name is Narine.” She says extending her hand.


Narine joined Alaric in running his clinic and they both helped each other. With Narine’s help Alaric had more time to take care of his research, and in exchange he thought her things that her previous mentor wasn’t able to. As the months passed their relationship grew into friendship, and eventually it blossomed into something more. In this dark existence they managed to find at least a little bit of light, even if it was only temporary. Alaric would have to leave to fulfill his oaths to the Mechanicus eventually or be branded a heretek. Narine knew that and knew that as a mutant she wouldn’t be able to come with him.

Rather then let him live the rest of his life hunted like a animal, she left him in the night, taking with her the nothing but the memories they shared to keep her going leaving only a note telling him to fulfill his duty. Alaric did attempt to find her but it was to late, she had disappeared into the wilderness of the underhive. He hunted for many days to no avail, he asked his contacts in the underhive trade caravans to keep an eye for here, it’s been 5 years since that day but there has been no word on her whereabouts.

He tried to move on, but has been unsuccessful. He couldn’t find a person who could fill the void left by her and he probably wouldn’t, and thanks to that hasn’t had a serious relationship since then.

The Pilgrimage to Tomorrow.

He knew the reason his chance for peace. He knew that thanks to the dogma imposed on mankind by the ruling class. It was then he knew what must be done. He needed to get humanity to see the light and remove the curtain of ignorance. But first he need a plan, he would need to

As he studied he saw how much a shit hole the galaxy was for humanity due to the decay brought by halting its own progress technologically, socially, and biologically. Humanity was on the verge of a grand evolution that could save it from destruction but due to the perversion of the Emperor’s teachings its causing humanity to turn in on itself. While the Mechanicus would be willing to progress so long as you provided logical reasoning, and practical results, his biggest problem would be the Ecclesarchy. While he knew that their devotion could be their greatest strength their inability to change their structure to remove the corrupted elements would prove to be humanity’s undoing. He came to them with evidence that with their current system have been causing cults to pop up and entire planets going renegade due to loss of faith in in the church, and he even presented evidence of the priest kings starting false wars out of boredom. The only way to fix this would to limit the political and economic control held. When he came to them with this information they tried to kill him off to cover up the event and he’s been running from their hit squads ever since.

As for the biological advancement he’s been working on developing a way to stabilize the mutations that have been popping up in imperial citizens and ensuring the rise of homo superior. To fund his research and protect him from Ecclesarchy hit squads he’s signed on with the Sela Dynasty as their technological adviser.

He made one last oath to the Lord of the Dynasty, should all else fail protect his daughter.

Note:Deadpan snarker, and self proclaimed ladies man. Believes that anything can be studied and should be studied by your own means, and that you should not rely on gifts provided by higher powers, be they gods or mortals. Looks and acts more human then the average tech priest. Will have the projects ready when the Seneschal finally gets him a REAL LAB to work with and not a retrofitted beast stable.

Flaws: Likes to fuck with Ecclesarchy priests and missionaries and make them fly into a rage if he can.


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