Fae Fortuna

Angelus Ignis, non loquuntur de atrocitates sed protegat, quod ames.


Career Path: Arch-Militant
Home World:Footfall

WS: 60
BS: 20
S: 30
T: 30
Ag: 74
Int: 30
Per: 30
WP: 40
Fel: 25

Literacy (Int) – Trained
Psyniscience (Per) – Trained

Talented: Dodge
Sound Constitution
Peer: The Insane
Rival: The Inquisition

Is the owner of Ten Thousand Principality’s an exceptionally powerful archeotech sword she calls Prince

Gear: Prince


Fae Fortuna is an exceptionally beautiful Ex-Sororitas and acting bodyguard of Naevia Sela who Fae met during Naevia’s youth at the behest of her father. She has a very traumatic past and a very fractured personality, switching between being a childish emotional individual and a Cold-hearted Professional Soldier in a heartbeat. What caused the fracture is unknown to all but Naevia a secret Fae desperately wants to keep as such. She seems to have serious issues with both Daemons and the Inquisition, becoming enraged when discussion of them starts becoming too personal.

Most of her time is happily spent with Naevia, acting as both bodyguard,maid and friend. Spending her days preparing her masters clothes, food and other necessity. While letting the servitors handle the more…sensitive tasks. While her cooking and cleaning ability’s started off abysmal years or practice have made them… tolerable to her friends pallets, sadly her ability to navigate ships however still hasn’t improved whatsoever.

Recently Fae found the sword Ten Thousand Principles, since then she has been refusing to let it go from her sight. Having discovered something from the AI held inside it, she treats it as a person, not a machine and spends a lot of her free time conversing with it.

She very rarely sleeps, nightmares almost always keeping her up, the only time she actually manages it is if she falls asleep near Naevia or when absolutely wasted on booze, causing her to spend a lot of time at Alaric’s Bar or Doing Hours of Combat Drills during the night to stop herself falling asleep. However even sleep deprived she never is late to greet Naevia as she wakes up, prepare breakfast for the command crew or put a blade in an assassins heart.

Her time with Naevia (A function held during the days shortly before we set off into space and the command crew had properly gotten to know each-other)

Fae Fortuna, as long as you’ve known Naevia this awkward bodyguard has been at her side. Absolutely Loyal to Naevia. She follows any order or command with absolute accuracy. A somewhat pretty girl with messy blonde hair and a childish attitude, has somewhat damaged her reputation as a bodyguard however since Naevia hasn’t been harmed yet she must be doing something right.

She almost seems to have a split personality, childish and playful when in situations without danger, but at the slightest sign of trouble she becomes cold and heartless. Caring only for her Masters safety. She honestly likes her crew-mates, finding humor in their actions and admiring their loyalty.

The only time you have ever seen Fae fight seriously was breathtaking, during a summer at a function held by the Sela family in a effort to raise social standing. A young nobleman tried to profess his love upon Naevia, who she swiftly rejected stating that his family was far too poor for such a union to be of benefit to the Sela family.

Outraged he challenged her to a duel, for insulting the honor of his family demanding the prize be should he win her hand in marriage. He was confident in his success, having been trained by the best sword-masters in the expanse. He laughed when a messy haired blonde walked into the dueling circle. Fae simply stated, “If you want my master so badly you must first defeat me.”

The fight started chaotically, the noble throwing out strikes like a expert. With huge flourishes and dance like steps the gathered crowed cheered. Fae simply dodged and parried. At first the crowed would yell out “You cant dodge like that forever.” or “Oh look! that one nearly got her!” but after the first 30 minutes not a single strike had landed and the Noble was tiring out. “Why do you not attack back! are you inept! Are you only proficient in dodging my blows! Answer you dog.”

Fae just looked him dead in the eyes. “My master hasn’t commanded me to bite yet.” In a fury the noble attacked faster and faster. Nothing however could hit no matter how hard he tried. Eventually he stopped walking towards Naevia who was watching near by with a smirk on her face. “YOU INSULT ME FURTHER! WHY NOT FIGHT ME YOU SOW!” Naevia just uttered one word in response. “Bite”

In a instant he was disarmed, first his sword falling to the ground, then his arms, his clothes were next, his hair, the back of his knee’s were slit causing him to fall to his knee’s in front of Naevia in a mock kneeling position, but he could not scream out for his throat had already been slashed. Half of the crowed cheered at such a display, the others Naevia’s other suiters all went white in fear. the Sela family had made its point. They except only the best and no one should ever stand in Naevia’s way to restoring their dynasty to its former glory.

The party continued more or less as if nothing had happened, people congratulating Naevia for her show of power and with people now avoiding any contact with Fae, but she didn’t mind as the only important thing in the world was her master.

Further Back-story Information (Note a lot of this information was gathered by Alaric’c after months of wasting his high price liqueurs for the purpose of information gathering, he still isn’t sure if its the truth and still hasn’t gotten the full story.)

Her beginnings.

The Footfallen, The children of the Expanse. The men and women, descended from the settlers and Rogue Trade vessels who came to the region so long ago.

Faye, a small child born of unknown parents and left to fend for herself on the planet of Footfall, living in the slums she was quickly absorbed into one of the child gangs, a group of other abandoned children brought together by necessity to survive the meaner older groups of gangers living in the port. However her childhood wasn’t as hard as one would expect, often they would get lucky and come across easy marks, or when the Arbiters would show up they would often be hindered by accidents or flash mobs flocking to see what was going on. As such her friends started calling her Fortune. This continued until her 5th birthday when during a routine mugging the arbites finally caught up to them, soon a gunfight broke out. Badly maintained stubbers wielded by children against Standard Issue Combat Shotguns. The young gangers stood no chance, it wasn’t long until her friends were dead, picking up one of her friends fallen stubbers, she aimed at one of the arbiters, hoping to avenge even one of her friends, however at a pull of the trigger it exploded, the unmaintained gun finally breaking under the stress. With Shrapnel flying into her face the blackness enveloped her.

Faye awoke a few weeks later. The white walls of a Hospice blinding after so long in the dirty slums. At her side a Sister Hospitalas mended her wounds, a radiant smile on her face. Singing of the emperor and his protection. About how it is destiny that one so young could be protected from such a firefight and her own weapon exploding. For she had not a single wound on her. Her days were spent talking with the sister, and learning for the first time about his love and his humility. Soon after a Arbite arrived telling her that she had two options of punishment for her crimes, death, or joining the Imperial Guard. With faith now in her heart and her home all but destroyed she signed up, to do whatever she could to help the God who protected her. She was soon taken to a Shrine World to receive her training.

15 years pass, And the 16th Valkyrie Force of the Coronus Expanse is now lead by Sister Superior Faye Fortuna. And amazingly, there is no record of a single casualty or sever wound dealt to the unit since her recruitment, they survived bombing runs as missiles fell as duds, found enemy ammo stashes when their own guns were almost out and even stranger no enemy sniper could ever hit her, his rounds always seeming to curve away, or Faye dodging by accident. Her unit loved her, calling her their Angel of Fortune. Fae tells a great number of tales about slaying demons and rescuing Space Marines and Alaric is pretty sure its all highly embellished. All attempts to get her to speak about how she left the Sororitas leaves her speechless..and no amount of alcohol has managed to make a difference.

[Fae has not spoken of any of the events passed this point, while she seems to love the Adeptus Sororitas she is shamed at having ran away from the order and her faith.]

Fae Fortuna

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